The Crucial Role of Identifying Animal Species in Food and Feed Products

In today’s fast-paced world, where concerns about food safety, economic integrity, and adherence to religious and ethical standards loom large, the accurate identification of animal species in food and feed products has emerged as a critical necessity. The ramifications of food adulteration extend far beyond mere inconvenience; they can pose significant risks to public health […]

Allergy Diagnostic Testing for Man’s Best Friend

Allergy Diagnostic Testing for Man’s Best Friend As pet owners, ensuring the health and well-being of our best companions is paramount. Among the various health concerns that can affect dogs, allergies rank high on the list of common ailments. Whether it’s environmental triggers like pollen or food allergens such as soy or wheat, identifying and […]

WinterPLEX Assay: Your Winter Virus Detection Solution

As winter approaches, the days grow shorter, and the air gets colder. With the change in season comes the inevitable wave of winter viruses, including the flu, RSV, and now, the ongoing threat of COVID-19. These viruses often share similar signs and symptoms, making it challenging to pinpoint the true cause of illness and determine […]