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We are excited to announce our presence at the upcoming BVA Vet Show, taking place in Birmingham. You can find us at Stand NEZ10 in Hall 9. 6th-7th of June 2024.

Discover the Pinnacle in Veterinary Pathogen Detection

Welcome to our Veterinary Diagnostics Solutions Hub

Where innovation meets compassion in the realm of animal healthcare

At Katalyst Laboratories, we are supplying a range of best in class diagnostic equipment and a leading array of tests.

With a commitment to excellence and a passion for animal welfare, we offer a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools and services designed to empower veterinarians, researchers, and laboratory professionals in their mission to safeguard the health and well-being of animals. From advanced PCR assays to rapid lateral flow tests, our product range spans a wide array of diagnostic tests sourced from leading global suppliers.

Whether you’re conducting routine screening, investigating infectious diseases, or monitoring treatment outcomes, our solutions are engineered to deliver accurate, reliable results with efficiency and precision.

Together, let’s make a difference in veterinary medicine.

Diagnostic Solutions for Every Animal Companion

Large Animal Groups:
Bovine, equine, porcine and more.

Small Animal Group:
Explore options for companion animals, guinea pigs, birds, reptiles and more.

Other Unique Species:
Extend your diagnostic capabilities to camels, llamas, and other exotic animals with our specialised assays.

Explore our range of veterinary diagnostics solutions today and discover the difference that innovation and compassion can make in animal healthcare.

Equine Diagnostics

Optimised for Equine Health.

Companion Animals

Dedicated to Companion Animal Care.

Other Species

Catering to an array of various animal species.

Comprehensive Range of Diagnostic Testing Solutions


Robust and cost-effective solution for livestock herd management.

Lateral Flow Assays

Fast and easy method for detecting antigens or antibodies.

Polymerase Chain Reaction

Precision qPCR Tests for Accurate Diagnosis.

Veterinary Diagnostic Instrument Solutions

Diagnostic Instruments

Precision Tools for Accurate Diagnosis.

Key Features of Our Diagnostic Solutions

  • Choice: Access a wide selection of assays sourced from leading global suppliers, providing diverse options to address various diagnostic needs.
  • Sensitivity: Rely on our assays’ high sensitivity, ensuring accurate detection of pathogens even at low levels.
  • Ease of Use: Experience simplicity with our user-friendly assays, workflows and operations.
  • Flexibility: Compatibility across leading qPCR cyclers and customizable formats to suit your specific requirements.
  • Reliability: Backed by industry-leading performance standards and rigorous quality control measures.

Partner with us for comprehensive, reliable, and innovative diagnostic solutions that elevate
the standard of care for companion animals.

About Katalyst Laboratories

Katalyst Laboratories is a leading distributor of cutting edge veterinary diagnostics test solutions, testing equipment, PCR assays, Elisa kits and LFT tests.

Fully supported by training, support and regular bio surveillance updates.



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