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The relentless pressure on our healthcare touch points calls for a step change in transformation with technology, workflows, pathways, innovative product design, value for money and measured outcomes. Our key objectives are to improve speed of process, streamline results delivery, ensure digital end-to-end systems, simplify workflows, provide clarity, source new product development, improve efficiencies and reduce cost. This will lead to successful outcomes and improved business models.

About Katalyst Laboratories

Katalyst Laboratories has a twenty-year history in technology, diagnostics and healthcare. During the pandemic Katalyst set up an ISO 15189 laboratory in Soho Square, London and an ISO 22870 POCT testing business across the UK with a fleet of mobile testing laboratories. Katalyst was the first POCT company testing at UK airports, ports, film production, cruise and theatres and thereafter extending the service into Europe.

Katalyst Laboratories then diversified into distribution of PCR assays, reagents and equipment within microbiology, virology, veterinary, food and water vertical markets. We are agnostic and provide a wide range of testing for microbiology and virology clinical professionals. The company has a passion for exceptional levels of customer service and for gaining a thorough understanding of our client’s business requirements.

Services We Provide

Microbiology and Virology

Experience a new era of precision healthcare with Katalyst Laboratories.

Veterinary Testing

At Katalyst, we prioritise the well-being of our animal friends.

Environmental Testing

Katalyst Laboratories is dedicated to forging a sustainable future through environmental testing.

Mobile Testing Solutions

Testing Trailers are at the forefront of addressing healthcare access inequalities, enabling truly community-based CDC service provision.

Industries We Service


Innovative solutions for efficient workflows and improved patient care.

Veterinary Labs

Specialised diagnostics for optimal animal care.


Comprehensive products and services for enhanced diagnostic solutions.


Educational resources and research support for academic institutions.

Diagnostics Service Labs

Tailored support for optimised processes.

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Travel Industries

Rapid testing solutions for safety and compliance.

Our Clients

We provide services to the most respected organisations in the health sector and beyond.


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