Introducing the Revolutionary qcLAMP-Mini

A point-of-care UTI testing solution

Introducing you to

The PraecisDx qcLAMP-Mini

At Katalyst, we’re dedicated to improving the way bacterial infections in animal urine samples are detected and managed. The PraecisDx qcLAMP-Mini is a key point-of-care device which changes the way veterinarians handle UTI diagnosis. By identifying bacteriuria in-practice in only 35 minutes, it removes the need to prescribe antibiotics whilst conventionally waiting three days for culture confirmation of infection. The qcLAMP-Mini therefore significantly impacts the fight against AMR.

With a focus on precision, efficiency, and user-friendliness, the qcLAMP-Mini device is designed to meet the unique needs of veterinary practices and clinical settings. Gone are the days of waiting for lab results or relying on cumbersome testing methods. Let the qcLAMP-Mini enable you to make prompt treatment decisions while the patient is still in your care.

Product Overview

qcLAMP-Mini Device

Experience the perfect blend of speed, accuracy, and convenience, and transform the way you deliver care.

With a specificity of 88% and sensitivity of 95%, be rest assured of reliable results, guiding appropriate treatment while minimising unnecessary antibiotic usage.

Key Features

Seamless Integration

Connects with iOS and Android devices for remote reporting.


Generates results in just 35 minutes.

Compact Design

Small (18 x 10 x 5 cm) and lightweight (300 grams), ideal for practices with limited space.

Easy to use

Testing kits require no medical expertise and minimal training to operate.

Product Overview

UTI-Dx Reagents

UTI-DX Reagents represent a paradigm shift in urinary tract infection diagnostics, offering rapid, accurate, and user-friendly testing solutions.

Key Features

Rapid Results

Accurate results in 35 minutes for timely prescription decisions.


Identifies causative species of true bacteriuria for tailored antibiotic selection.

Ease of Use

Simple to perform without laboratory experience.


Features freeze-dried, stable reagents for consistent performance.

Comprehensive Coverage

Detects the 6 most common UTI’s causing bacteria species in dogs and cats.

Contamination Indicator

Detects likelihood of sample contamination, allowing for repeat testing.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Utilises LAMP for rapid, accurate molecular diagnostics.

New Revenue Stream ​

Offers an additional income source for the practice.

Bacterial Detection Coverage

Comprehensive Urinary Pathogen Identification

Detects the following bacteria when urine cell concentration exceeds the recognised threshold of 10⁴ CFU/ml – validated against established bacterial culture methods:

Fast, accurate, essential: qcLAMP-Mini

Save time and reduce costs in your practice. Invest in qcLAMP-Mini for efficient UTI diagnostics.

Most urine samples from pets presenting with UTI symptoms test negative for bacteriuria. However, veterinarians often prescribe antibiotics while waiting 2 to 3 days for confirmatory results from the laboratory. UTI-dx helps rule out cases where antibiotics are unnecessary, thereby making significant progress towards antibiotic stewardship.

The PraecisDX qcLAMP-Mini Device and UTI-Dx Reagents offer cutting-edge solutions for rapid and accurate detection of bacterial infections in animal urine samples. With advanced technology and user-friendly features, our products empower veterinary professionals to make timely treatment decisions and improve patient care.

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