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GI Multiplex qPCR assay

Introducing the GI Multiplex qPCR assays.
For the rapid measurement of 9 key GI targets.

Rapid diagnosis of gastrointestinal bacterial infections are critical as they can easily spread,
especially within the confines of healthcare facilities.

Our GI Multiplex qPCR assays cover a range of key gastrointestinal targets:

    • C. difficile
    • Campylobacters
    • E. coli, Shigella & Enteroinvasive Escherichia coli (EIEC)
    • Salmonella
    • Vibrio species
    • Yersinia enterocolitica
    • Escherichia coli O157


Our GI Multiplex qPCR assays are designed for speed, efficiency, simplicity, and affordability.

Here’s what sets our screening process apart:

  • Multiple Results, One Sample: Get up to nine different targets from a single sample, maximizing the information you can gather.

  • Multiplex or Individual Assays: Choose between running multiplex assays or individual tests, offering flexibility in your screening approach.

  • Rapid Processing: Tests can be processed within just 90 minutes, ensuring timely results.

  • Ambient Shipping: All test kit components are shipped at ambient temperature, making logistics simple.

  • Competitive Cost: We offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or accuracy.

  • Training and Ongoing Support: Our team provides comprehensive training and continuous support to streamline your screening process.

  • Best in Class Accuracy: Trust in the accuracy of our tests, backed by extensive research and development.

  • Wide Compatibility: Our tests can be operated on a wide range of PCR platforms, making them adaptable to your facility’s needs.

  • Highlighting Other Targets: In case a patient tests negative for C. difficile, our assays can highlight other potential gastrointestinal issues.

*For general laboratory and research use only.

Key Features

  • Multiple results from one sample with up to 9 different targets.
  • Multiplex or individual assays.
  • Tests can be processed within 90 minutes.
  • All test kit components shipped at ambient temperature.
  • Competitive cost.
  • Training and ongoing support.
  • Best in class accuracy.
  • Test can be operated on a wide range of PCR platforms.
  • Highlights other targets if the patient tests negative for C. difficile.

Best In Class Performance

Under optimal PCR conditions, C. difficile_toxB detection kits have very high priming efficiencies of >95% and can detect less than 100 copies of target template.


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